Label Management

As a longstanding home entertainment publisher Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH has established a market position for itself which also profits our label partners associated through distribution. The sales team dealing with physical distribution entertains excellent business relations with all relevant retailers, maintains direct listings at MSD, and uses a special sales force for a targeted market placement of DVD and Blu-ray products. In addition to the placement of finished products, SHE also places a growing focus on the marketing of online licenses for which it draws on its own digital distribution structure.

SHE’s label management has made a point of compiling regular reports to allow for necessary transparency and comprehensibility in its collaboration with partners, to develop mutual marketing steps such as plans of action in close consultation, and to advise on product development through its own product management in terms of content.

Currently, renowned product providers such as rbb media, Pidax, Fastbreak, or Hoppe Entertainment are publishing in SHE’s distribution.

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