This year’s European Film Market, as a part of Berlinale, ended on February 27th with a very positive outcome for Studio Hamburg Enterprises (SHE). The gripping TV series “Marnow Murders” was pre-sold to the US after its international trailer premiere. In addition, the romantic comedy “Berlin, Berlin” was presented to international buyers in a market screening and received great attention.

The program highlight “Marnow Murders” (“Die Toten von Marnow”, produced by Polyphon for NDR/Degeto) was presented by SHE for the first time in a very special setting: International buyers, producers as well as cast & network executives were invited to a “Gin & Trailers” event for long drinks and industry dialogue. Above all, however, it was an occasion to celebrate the international trailer premiere for this upcoming thriller series. In addition to a pre-sale to the US, the literary adaption about pharma conspiracies and espionage within the former GDR has already attracted great interest from Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the Benelux Union.

“Studio Hamburg Enterprises were represented at the Berlinale with a special screening and also in the Berlinale Series Lounge for the first time. We are very happy about the consistently positive response”, comments Tania Reichert-Facilides, Managing Director of the SHE.

The market screening of “Berlin, Berlin” also enjoyed great popularity. The movie, produced by REAL FILM, will have its theatrical release by Constantin Film on March 19th in German theatres. The rom-com is based on the German TV series of the same name, which was an international hit in its heyday in the early 2000s. European interest in the theatrical sequel, thus, is high, with Spain in particular demand.

Christiane Wittich, Director of International Sales, adds: “The Berlinale, especially in view of the “ailing” and now completely cancelled MIPTV, has gained in importance for us in recent years through the participation of many of our long-term clients. We were also able to make many new contacts and are excited about the promising interest in our programs.”

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