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Internet assault: How online offenders threaten us


Internet assault: How online offenders threaten us

Angriff aus dem Internet - Wie Online-Täter uns bedrohen
Genre Factual | Current Affairs
Format HD
Autor Klaus Scherer
Regisseur Klaus Scherer
Produktion NDR

The threat first arrived as a well-disguised, friendly notification: Nicoletta, 16 and her 17-year-old girlfriend, Vivienne, received an e-mail from a sender they thought they knew well - a fellow student. What both of them couldn't know was that the e-mail was actually sent by a perfidious hacker. By clicking on the attachment, which intrinsically should have been a photo, a spy virus was activated, with which an unknown peeping-tom was able to operate hundreds of webcams by remote control via the internet and thus see into the rooms of unsuspecting children and teens surfing the web. In his film, Klaus Scherer, ARD German television correspondent in Washington, an Adolf-Grimme-Award winner for his TV reports, strongly advises not to underestimate the dangers that lurk on a daily basis when surfing the web. In his film, he visits US citizens who have had their complete internet identities taken over by cyber criminals, who eventually stole their entire wealth. The global media echo regarding the spectacular, highly charged and often also embarrassing disclosures of the internet activist platform Wikileaks, opened the eyes of many people, who had hitherto considered internet surfing to be nothing more than a harmless pastime.

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