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Love on the Fjord: End of the ice age


Love on the Fjord: End of the ice age

Liebe am Fjord: Das Ende der Eiszeit
Genre Fiction | TV Movie | Drama
Format 16 mm colour
Besetzung Senta Berger, Sandra Borgmann, Thure Lindhardt, Philipp Langenegger, Petra Weifenbach, Axel Siefer, a.m.o.
Autor Martin Rauhaus
Regisseur Jörg Grünler
Produktion Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion for ARD Degeto

On the surface, 40-year-old Annika Sörenbrandt's life appears to be in good shape: she runs a major chain of bookshops and has a happy relationship with her boyfriend. But, her life also has a sore point: Annika grew up with her father because her mother, Pernille, left home when she was a child. When Annika discovers that Pernille has been involved in an accident, she travels to Fjaerland with mixed feelings. Upon arrival in "Bökby", or "Book Town", as it is well-known throughout Norway, she also meets her half-brother, the 30-year-old autistic Henrik. Deeply touched by the reunion, Annika decides to spend a week helping her mother to cope. She notices that her mother is completely different to the picture her father had painted of her. When Pernille collapses again, Annika finally discovers the truth about her past and is able to make up with her mother. But now Annika is faced with yet another vital decision: Pernille will not be able to take care of Henrik for much longer. Of course Annika wants to be there for Henrik, but is reluctant to give up her "old" life...

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