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 Inspector Borowski


Inspector Borowski

Kommissar Borowski
Genre Fiction | Series | Crime
Format 16 mm colour, HD
Besetzung Axel Milberg, Maren Eggert, Mehid Moinzadeh, Sibel Kekilli, a.m.o.
Autor various
Regisseur various
Produktion Studio Hamburg for NDR
Laufzeit 90`each

Inspector Borowski (Axel Milberg) lives in Kiel. Known as a close tongued loner, he is also keen on keeping away others from his private life: He is a divorced single father. In his job he tends to be a perfectionist and takes his cases seriously.

List of episodes:

1. Fathers
2. Change of shift
3. Cycle of death and renewal
4. Shadow wedding
5. The evil beneath
6. Birth right
7. Man over board
8. End of silence
9. The power of anger
10. Borowski and the girl on the moor
11. Borowski and the lonely hearts
12. Borowski and the ideal world
13. Borowski and the stars
14. Tango for Borowski
15. Borowski and a matter of pure taste
16. Borowski and the fourth man
17. Borowski and the woman in the window

and, featuring Sibel Kekilli, known from Game of Thrones:

18. Borowski and a cool dog
19. Borowski and the silent guest
20. Borowski and free fall
21. Borowski and the burning man
22. Borowski and the angel
23. Borowski and the sea
24. Borowski: Crystal sky
25. Borowski and the children of Gaarden
26. Borowoski and the return of the silent guest
27. Borowski and the festival of the North
28. Taxi to Leipzig
29. Borowski and the dark net
30. Borowski and the lost girl
31. Borowski and the land between the oceans

32. Borowksi and the haunted house
33. Borowski and the fortune of the others
34. Borowski and the house by the sea
35. Borowski and the curse of the white seagull
36. Borowski and the fear of the white men

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