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The intimate stranger


The intimate stranger

Vertrauter Fremder
Genre Fiction | TV Movie | Drama
Format 16 mm colour
Besetzung Johanna Gastdorf, Matthias Brandt, Andreas Schlager, Charlotte Lüder, Jaecki Schwarz, a.m.o.
Autor Wolf Jakoby
Regisseur Christiane Balthasar
Produktion Cinecentrum Berlin for ARD Degeto
Laufzeit 90`

At long last, Anja is now willing to leave her husband Thomas and begin a new life with Frank. Some years ago, Thomas tried to set the house on fire and threatened his family. He has undergone psychiatric therapy ever since and severed contact to Anja and their two children.
Unexpectedly, Anja, is informed that Thomas is on the road to recovery and that she should help him find his way back to normal life. Taken by surprise, she agrees to help, but only under the condition that Thomas does not “mess everything up”.
Initially, everything seems to work out well: Thomas is extremely considerate and manages to win the children and even Anja over with his new-found charm. Anja’s father thinks it is all too good to be true and sounds a note of caution. In fact, Thomas soon becomes more demanding and does not want to be dictated to, when he may or may not see the children and moves back into the family home without prior consultation.
Anja’s doubts are intensified: Is Thomas really normal, or did he just manage to deceive his doctor? Are Anja and the children in imminent danger?

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