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Last Paradises


Last Paradises

Die letzten Paradiese
Genre Factual | Wildlife & Nature
Format HD
Autor Hans Jöchler
Regisseur Hans Jöchler
Produktion Broadcast Nature Movies for Verlagshaus Hans Jöchler GmbH
Laufzeit 20 x 45', 50'

Our journeys take us all around the world from Patagonia to the USA, from Greenland to South Africa and from Cambodia to Australia and leads us to the most fascinating places where landscapes animals and humans are the main focus of our documentaries. Whether on land or at sea – the last paradises of the world are our destination.

1. Safari through the land of the rhinos – Kenya
2. Aurora – The hidden pearl of the Philippines
3. The most scenic Nationalparks of the USA
4. Dolomites from the air
5. Symphony of life – Underwater world of Australia
6. From Ecuador to Galapagos
7. From Panama to the Cocos Islands
8. The pearl of the Adriatic Sea (Croatia I)
9. The pearl of the Adriatic Sea (Croatia II)
10. Southern China – From Macao to Sichua
11. Middle America – Crocodiles, Maya and Shamans
12. Sabah – Malaysian Borneo
13. Indo-Pacific – The world of the Sulu Sea
14. Mauritius
15. Norway – The land of fjords
16. Namibia – Living desert
17. Patagonia – Coast of the killer whales
18. Rituals of mankind
19. Breath of the wilderness
20. The most beautiful landscapes of the world

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