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The County of Yorkshire:  On England's North Sea Coast (mareTV)


The County of Yorkshire: On England's North Sea Coast (mareTV)

Die Grafschaft Yorkshire - An Englands Nordseeküste (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor various
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Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

A coast as if created by the hands of a master painter: the sheep on the green meadows have ocean views, snow white lighthouses have pride of place on the rugged cliffs, while fishing villages nestle up to the slopes of steep gorges. Pirates and beach wreckers once went about their dark affairs here. Today, it's the holidaymakers that bring their money here of their own free will, as in the county of Yorkshire, between Scarborough and Whitby, is Northern England's most beautiful coast. In Hartlepool, Steve Ross and Keith Dickson are down on the beach in the early morning and shovel forge coal onto the loading area of their pickup. The "black gold" is washed ashore by storms and the tide. It is probably waste material from abandoned mines. In the fashionable bathing resort of Scarborough, the legendary Spa Orchestra has been holding concerts since 1912. The performances are challenging for even the most experienced of musicians, as the sun, sea fret and the salty air continually cause their instruments to go out of tune. Mike Marshall has a workshop in Sandsend on the dinosaur coast. Equipped with hammer and chisel, he searches the cliffs for fossils - dumb witnesses of a forgot-ten world, some 200 million years old. The so-called Whitby Jet is especially valuable. Once, jewellery was designed for Queen Victoria from this noble material.

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