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The 1000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River - Water world between Canada and the USA (mareTV)


The 1000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River - Water world between Canada and the USA (mareTV)

Die 1000 Inseln im Sankt-Lorenz-Strom - Wasserwelt zwischen Kanada und den USA (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Henning Rütten
Regisseur Henning Rütten
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

This waterscape is of course famous for its salad sauce! The '1000-Islands Dressing' owes its name to the thousand islands in the St. Lawrence River, the recipe was developed here. All in all, there are 1800 islands in the border river between Canada and the US to the east of the North American continent. A paradise for nature lovers - and billionaires, such as Vanderbilt, Astor and Rockefeller all had lavish mansions built on the islands. Since 1887, the religiously-inclined have gathered in Halfmoon Bay each summer to worship at the open air service here. They arrive in rowing boats, kayaks and yachts. Their different beliefs are of no consequence, the participants gain strength, above all, from the awesome nature. Susan Smith is always part of it all and helps the alternating preachers prepare and conduct the service. Anyone considering building on one of the islands cannot do so without Jake and Jennifer van Reenen. The couple specialises in transporting materials and vehicles, whether these be dump trucks, concrete mixers or even mobile cranes. Even a former US Navy landing craft is back in action. Boats are of great importance here, whether for worship or to satisfy a need for speed, here in the water world of a thousand islands in the St. Lawrence River.

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