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The Arctic Ocean Coast - Norway's frosty north (mareTV)


The Arctic Ocean Coast - Norway's frosty north (mareTV)

An der Eismeerküste - Norwegens frostiger Norden (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Sven Jaax
Regisseur Sven Jaax
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

The area around the harbour city of Kirkenaes is one of Norway's coldest and roughest regions, yet it is also one of the liveliest. Ornithologists, ice bathers and extreme sportspeople love the breath-taking nature, here on the edge of Europe. Tormud Amundsen builds huts for birdwatchers and exports them worldwide. His homeland is a meeting place for ornithologists. Equipped with their binoculars, they cling to the rocks to observe sea eagles, petrels, fulmars or puffins. On Norway's border with Russia, military pastor Ingjerd Ropeid Andreasson pays visits to his parishioners on an all-terrain vehicle. Despite having four jobs, Trond Høiberget is a very relaxed man. He is the bank director of Bugøynes, as well as manager of the post office and the lottery sales outlet. But more than anything else, he loves cooking in his own restaurant. Tor Jonny Arnesan is responsible for the turbines at the Skogfoss power plant, while his workplace is located on the Russian-Norwegian border. He makes sure that the plant remains free of ice. This can be quite problematic when temperatures drop to minus 40°C. Apart from this, he also breeds trout in the power plant. Fish farming belongs to the environmental requirements for operators, because the fish have been deprived of their natural breeding grounds.

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