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Never again - America's youth against gun mania


Never again - America's youth against gun mania

Never again - Amerikas Jugend gegen den Waffenwahn
Genre Factual | Current Affairs
Format HD
Autor Sebastian Bellwinkel
Regisseur Sebastian Bellwinkel
Produktion Vincent TV for NDR/ARTE
Laufzeit 52'
Produktionsjahr 2018

Newtown, Orlando, Las Vegas. Every placemark is synonymous for a mass murder committed in recent years in the US and with at least 28 fatalities. And this with weapons that the perpetrator bought legally. It seems as though the tragedies occurred at ever shorter intervals, with politicians looking on. That is, until Valentine’s Day, 2018, when a perpetrator ran amok at the MSD High School in Parkland, Florida. In the tragedies wake, with 14 students and three members of the teaching staff dead, a handful of young people have come together to voice their discontent to politicians and the weapons industry. Within the space of just a few weeks, the teenagers organized the largest demonstrations against gun violence since the Vietnam War protests. They want to see the often uncontrolled access to weapons more strictly regulated and to ban AR 15 assault rifles altogether. ARTE author Sebastian Bellwinkel accompanied members of this youth movement with his camera. One realizes that amok shootings are just one problem. Only 1% of the 30.000 people killed by gun violence are due to such attacks. Experts claim that several federal states have altered their weapons laws in answer to the protests of the youth movement. But just how does the conservative Trump Administration respond, to be able to make it more difficult to access firearms by law?

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