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Holland in the Caribbean - The ABC Islands (mareTV)


Holland in the Caribbean - The ABC Islands (mareTV)

Holland in der Karibik - Die ABC-Inseln (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Stefan Heinrich
Regisseur Stefan Heinrich
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

A for Aruba, B for Bonaire and C for Curaçao: the ABC Islands off the mainland coast of Venezuela belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Each one of them has its own special mixture of Caribbean exoticism and colonial heritage. Vet Odette Doest has a pet flamingo with which she visits schools and gives talks. The children of the islands learn very little about local wildlife. Picturesque Lac Bay in western Bonaire, is lined with dense mangrove forests. Although it looks beautiful, it has become a threat to the many species of fish here. A surplus of nutrients has caused the mangroves to spread uncontrollably. Marine biologist Sabine Engel and her team of volunteers cut back the thickets with machetes, to help make room for the fish for them to lay their eggs and to restore water circulation. On Aruba, the ABC of yoga is being rethought: "Yogis" hang upside down in trees or balance on surfboards. Maria Pucci has established "anti-gravity-yoga" and spends her day upside down together with her students. Ambre van de Berg and her dog, Wilding, on the other hand, is keen on attracting yoga fans onto the water. With the four-legged partner on the board, it is much easier to explain the "sneering dog".

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