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The Volcanic Island of St. Helena -  In the Centre of the South Atlantic Ocean (mareTV)


The Volcanic Island of St. Helena - In the Centre of the South Atlantic Ocean (mareTV)

Die Vulkan-Insel St. Helena - Mitten im Südatlantik (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Michael McGlinn
Regisseur Michael McGlinn
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

St. Helena, the small island in the middle of the South Atlantic. It couldn't be further away from the mainland, being more than 3000 km from South America and 1900 km from Africa. Napoleon, who was once exiled here, made the craggy isle famous. The French commander spent six years here, following his defeat at Waterloo. Life is not easy on St. Helena. The majority of the almost 4800 "Saints" work in the civil service of the British Overseas Territories. Fishing is an alternative, with which to make some extra money. Tuna from St. Helena, traditionally caught by fishing rod instead of industrially by nets, could become an export hit, thanks to the new flight connection. Steadson Strout is a very versatile man: in his youth he was a caretaker and coffee maker for the crew of the NASA Relay Station on the neighbouring island of Ascension, 1300 km away! Now, he is a naturalist on St. Helens, as the island is considered to be the "Galapagos of the Atlantic", due to its biodiversity. This is also why the botanist, Professor Quentin Cronk is on a visit there. Together, the two men want to find new species between the rocks, that until now, no one else has been able to enter.

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