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Israel - Land of the three seas (mareTV)


Israel - Land of the three seas (mareTV)

Israel - Land der drei Meere (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Till Lehmann
Regisseur Till Lehmann
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

Nowhere in Israel is far from the sea. The small country boasts 275 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline. In the far south, it has access to the Red Sea and its tropical biodiver-sity, wild dolphins and coral reefs. To the east, where the country borders on Jordan, the Jewish state is flanked by the Dead Sea, a massive salt lake some 428 feet below sea level. In the En Gedi Kibbutz, gardener Anat Ras has spent decades creating a botanical masterpiece. Between the inhospitable desert and the Dead Sea, she has transformed the otherwise cooperative settlement into a veritable Garden of Eden. In Eilat, Artyom Levitt oversees a coral care unit, whereby he looks after corals brought to him by envi-ronmental organisations or customs officials. Over-ambitious aquarists and amateur divers continually tear off corals to take them home. Burhan Guti is an Arab Israeli and the captain of a small fishing boat with which he and two friends from the beach at Jaffa on the Mediterranean coast chase after swarms of fish. Israeli coastal fishery is the domain of the Arabs. And it is not the easiest of busi-nesses: they are not allowed to sail far away; the sea area is cordoned off with patrol boats taking care of the rest. Is-rael's conflicts are a very real and daily problem, also for the Arab fishermen.

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