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The Informer


The Informer

Die Informantin + Der Fall Lissabon
Genre Fiction | Series | Crime
Format HD
Besetzung Nina Kronjäger, Suzanne von Borsody, Stefan Kurt, Aylin Tezel, Franz Dinda, Tino Mewes, Ken Duken, a.m.o.
Autor Isabell Kleefeld
Regisseur Isabell Kleefeld
Produktion UFA Fiction for ARD / Degeto
Laufzeit 90'
Produktionsjahr 2019

Part I: The informer

Because of her wild, independent lifestyle in her home town of Berlin, Aylin now has a police record and her dream of a legal career is on the brink. Ambitious narcotics officer Jan and Hannah, his boss, offer Aylin the chance to erase her criminal record. The price she has to pay is to act as a decoy and win over the trust of Musab, a drug smuggler, in order to obtain information regarding his next large drug deal. A dangerous game begins between Musab and Aylin, driven by mutual distrust and fascination for one another, but Aylin also gets too close for comfort to Jan. Aylin finds herself torn between the two, and her cover could fly open at any time. When the showdown arrives, she has to rely on her intuition alone…

Part II: The Lisbon case

It is her second case as an undercover investigator: when the impulsive law student Aylin gets a call from her distraught sister Elif, she immediately knows that the detectives Hannah and Jan are behind this. They are working a case of money laundering and illegally financing a terror group. The supposed mastermind behind the operation, the renowned and well-connected lawyer Engelhardt, has thus far escaped an arrest because he managed to identify all attempts to infiltrate his organisation. Aylin is thus the police's best and last chance to catch him. Blackmailed into compliance, she has no other option and goes undercover. There, she finds herself under fire from both sides, fighting for trust, power and the question whether morality and honesty are the same thing.

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