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The Greifswald Bodden -  A natural paradise in the South Baltic Sea (mareTV)


The Greifswald Bodden - A natural paradise in the South Baltic Sea (mareTV)

Am Greifswalder Bodden - Naturparadies in der südlichen Ostsee
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Michael McGlinn
Regisseur Michael McGlinn
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

The Greifswald Bodden, or Lagoon, is a unique water landscape between Rügen and the Western Pomeranian mainland on the southern Baltic Sea. The water here is very shallow, but more than anything else, the Greifswald Lagoon is a fascinating natural paradise, full of secluded islands, rare animals and masses of seafaring tradition. Uwe Feller is the harbour-master of the fishing village of Freest. Every Saturday evening, he bids farewell to the skippers leaving the harbour with his own song repertoire. His backing band consists of a mobile speaker and a grey parrot called Cora, who is 23. Freest itself, is a veritable mecca of hand-woven, Northern German carpet art. Around 60.000 knots per square metre are combined to create classic symbols such as triple fish, beach thistle or four anchors. Only two elderly ladies still know how to execute this work. Tom, a budding media designer, would like to see the traditional symbols re-emerge. But before that, he has to learn the old art, tangible rather than digital. A cacophony of chirping breaks the silence, as thousands of migratory birds speed by on their way to their summer quarters on Greifswald Isle. Then it's high life at the bird banding station on the island in the lagoon.

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