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Venice - Legend and lagoon (mareTV)


Venice - Legend and lagoon (mareTV)

Venedig - Legende und Lagune (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Christina Trebbi
Regisseur Christina Trebbi
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

Venice has been attracting people as if by magic for centuries. The Italians call her La Serenissima, or the sublime. Perched on wooden posts, she braves the elements and the huge, annual surge of visitors. Vogalonga is the name of a Venetian sports competition for women, in which the participants row their boats standing. This is a tradition that Guilia and Elena also follow. They train hard, as the yearly regatta is soon to begin. Anyone caught driving their water vehicle with more than 7 km/h through the canals of Venice, risks getting a ticket from local policewoman Lorenza Mariutti. The reason: the resulting waves gnaw at the foundations of the grand palaces. Venetians are very attached to their traditional cuisine. The island of Sant' Erasmo is the town's garden. Artichokes, radicchio, onions, everything that grows here is said to taste fantastic, thanks to the salt content of the air and water. Carlo and Claudio Finotello not only grow the vegetables, they even deliver directly to their customers' doors. At sunset, they sail through the lagoon with their boat, brimming with produce, towards San Marco. People waiting at the many bridges, now receive their wares: regional, seasonal, fresh. And without a hint of stress if possible. Like so many other things in Venice. Perhaps because La Serenissima is also known as "The Composed".

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