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The River Elbe Estuary: Life in time with the tide (mareTV)


The River Elbe Estuary: Life in time with the tide (mareTV)

An der Elbmündung (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Michael McGlinn
Regisseur Michael McGlinn
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

Tidal Fairway and Wonder of Nature; where the Elbe flows into the North Sea, the mighty river expands to around 18 km. The people there live in the rhythm of the tide. Claudia Sandt-Mahler has always dreamt of owning a café, but one that floats was somehow not on her list. During the winter, the Ponton Cafe is moored in Cuxhaven harbour. In time for the start of the season, it has to be towed through the Elbe estuary to the mudflats. The Ponton Café cannot withstand a swell and too much wind is also dangerous - but above all, the water level has to be just right, so that Claudia can moor directly on the beach. Season starts at the Steinmarne Seawater Swimming Baths. The open air pool behind the dyke should now be flooded with North Sea water, but at the moment, not a single drop is flowing. Swimming Pool manager Kai Bartholomäus has got to come up with something as soon as he can. Parcels and letters are delivered to Hamburg's North Sea island of Neuwerk by horse-drawn carriage, travelling 15 km through the mudflats, which is unique for the Federal Post Office. Iisland postman Michael Stobbe's greatest challenge is being able to chat with the islanders and deliver the shipments in time, always aware of the tide.

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