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Norway’s dream fjords - The Geiranger and its neighbours (mareTV)


Norway’s dream fjords - The Geiranger and its neighbours (mareTV)

Norwegens Traumfjorde - Der Geiranger und seine Nachbarn (mareTV)
Genre Factual | Travel & Adventure
Format HD
Autor Stefan Heinrich
Regisseur Stefan Heinrich
Produktion nonfictionplanet for NDR
Laufzeit 45'

More than anything else, the towering rock walls of the Geiranger Fjord make it a magnet for visitors. On the other hand, they are a serious danger, as Mount Akernes is beginning to slide. 54 million cubic metres of unstable rock. Lars Blikra is the head geologist, working on behalf of the Norwegian government, continuously measuring temperatures, sounds and movements from within the rock. The mountain is currently sliding at a rate of up to 12 centimetres annually. The town ofÅlesund, at the entrance to the Fjord world, is known for its gigantic midsummer night’s fire. This time, Simon Eiken and his construction team are hoping to make a new world record. To this end, their tower, made of wooden pallets, must be at least 58.6 metres high and then to burn according to plan, then plunge into the sea. A floating sauna as a source of meaning: Alexander Sjolberg wanted to build something that would benefit the community ofSæbø, his small village. Everyone there is responsible for the sweat shop, one week per year: for repair work, the heating, but also to earn money. During Alexanders shift, the pub requested the sauna from the bank opposite. This poses a problem, as the craft is not particularly seaworthy.

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