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It's all about love


It's all about love

Wenn's um Liebe geht
Genre Fiction | TV Movie | Family Entertainment
Format HD
Besetzung Peter Sattmann, Ines Björg David, Maxim Mehmet, Christina do Rego, Julian Loomann, a.m.o.
Autor Uli Brée
Regisseur Wolfgang Eissler
Produktion W&B Television for ARD/Degeto
Laufzeit 90'
Produktionsjahr 2019

Laura Blau, the eldest of three daughters, is helping out her father Paul on his vineyard. Left to his own devices after the death of his wife, vintner Paul would have been unable to cope with it. Even though she has quite a talent for singing, Laura’s passion for music fell by the wayside. That is, until the chance of a lifetime comes knocking on her door: She is asked to substitute for her sister Nina as a wedding singer accompanying pop-legend Sunny on stage. Sunny’s manager Vincent notices Laura’s talent and asks her to participate with Sunny in a competition. Laura is flattered, but when Sunny causes a car crash while driving drunk, her dream vanishes again. Nina would help Sunny through wrongful testimony, but she imposes a condition: She wants to be Sunny’s partner for the competition. Sunny accepts, but Vincent disagrees with this form of extortion and the two of them go separate ways. After having her hopes crushed, Laura wants nothing more to do with showbiz, but Vincent remains convinced of her talent. And it seems that he has not only fallen for Laura’s voice …

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