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Berlin, Berlin


Berlin, Berlin

Berlin, Berlin
Genre Fiction | TV Movie | Comedy
Format HD
Besetzung Detlev Buck, Sandra Borgmann, Kai Lentrodt, Jan Sosniok, Gitta Schweighöfer, Felicitas Woll, Janina Uhse, Matthias Klimsa, Kailas Mahadevan, Armin Rohde, Christian Tramitz, a.m.o.
Autor David Safier, Ben Safier
Regisseur Franziska Meyer-Price
Produktion REAL FILM Berlin und LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION in Co-Produktion mit Constantin Film, Degeto Film, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Radio Bremen und German Film Partners
Laufzeit 90'
Produktionsjahr 2019

Sven, so typical! Crashing Lolle’s wedding to Hart and then – in front of the whole crowd – proposing to the bride. Of course, Lolle is totally confused and escapes in wild flight across Berlin. After an emotional breakdown and some crazy shit, she finds herself in front of a judge and gets slapped with a few hours of community work at a public school. There, she meets Dana and they realize, they have much in common, especially their messed up situations with guys. A crazy night out, through the clubs of the city, and both wake up in a car the next morning. But they are far from Berlin, instead finding themselves in the Harz region. Lolle wants to get back immediately, but the journey back home turns out to be an action-fueled road trip that will change each of the two friends' lives forever. But wait a second, what happened to Sven’s proposal?

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