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Genre Fiction | Series | Drama
Format HD
Besetzung Stefan Kurt, Annika Kuhl, Rainer Sellien, Michaela Kaspar, Lavinia Wilson, Maryam Zaree, Niels Bormann, Aaron Altaras, Sebastian Hülk, Sophie Rois, Jacob Matschenz, a.m.o.
Autor Felice Götze, Lena Kammermeier
Regisseur Randa Chahoud, Stefan Bühling
Produktion UFA Fiction for ARD / Degeto
Laufzeit 8 x 45'
Produktionsjahr 2021

Leo Roth is Germany’s most successful media lawyer. She navigates the political arena with her Berlin law firm as surefootedly as she does the glamour world of the rich and famous. For Leo Roth, work has only one purpose: to win every case. Her aim is to protect the privacy of her celebrity and non-celebrity clients, shaping public opinion at the same time. She aspires to stamp out fake news and media smear campaigns and shield people from media character assassination through false reporting, shitstorms and Twitterstorms. As the series progresses, the lawyer becomes entangled in a treacherous mesh of political and private intrigues.
The character Leo Roth was inspired by Germany's best-known media lawyer. The cases deal with highly topical issues such as hate speech, violation of personal rights and fake news.

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