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In search of… the Arabian Schindler


In search of… the Arabian Schindler

Gesucht wird... der arabische Schindler
Genre Factual | History
Format HD
Autor Robert Satloff, Bill Cran, Karin Davison
Regisseur Robert Satloff, Bill Cran, Karin Davison
Produktion MacNeil/Lehrer Productions and Robert Satloff, MedienKontor, WDR for ARTE

For the very first time, a film highlights the evaluation of national socialist atrocities from an Arab and a Jewish perspective within the Arabian world. The core question: was there an Arabian Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of Jews? Is there anyone still alive in the world today, who managed to flee the holocaust with Arab help? This issue moved the American author and historian, Robert Satlof, head of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, more than ever after 9/11. He decides to tackle the most extensive project of his life: the search for an Arabian Schindler. If he could succeed in proving that Arabs had saved the lives of Jews during WW2, the way in which Arabs perceive the world would possibly be quite different. A team of scientists, archivists, interpreters and journalists joined him tracking down clues in eleven countries, around the world. The film begins its spectacular and moving journey in Yad Vashem, where there are memorial plaques in honour of non-Jews, such as Oskar Schindler or Raul Wallenberg, who risked their lives to save those of Jews. They are referred to as "the just amongst the peoples of the world". Not one Arab can be found under the 20.000 engraved names. Will Robert Satloff's quest nonetheless be successful?

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