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All that's just: Fathers


All that's just: Fathers

Alles was recht ist: Väter
Genre Fiction | Series
Format 16 mm colour
Besetzung Michaela May, Götz Schubert, Anna Schudt, Oliver Breite, a.m.o.
Autor Hermann Kirchmann, Khyana el Bitar, Matthias Keilich
Regisseur Christoph Schrewe
Produktion filmpool Film- und Fernsehproduktion for ARD Degeto
Laufzeit 90`

Fulda, Germany. Judge Lena Kalbach has a difficult decision to make in a family feud. Two fathers battle it out in court for the custody of one child: who is little Toby's father, who is the rightful parent - and who isn't? Intuitively, Lena tries to find the right solution, which isn't just a question of paragraphs, but rather one of the heart. What no one knows: Lena is herself personally affected in regard to questions of paternity. Her own daughter, district attorney Nike, has never met her real father. Lena was always loath to reveal who he actually was. But, what you sow is what you reap, and now Nike is determined to find him regardless of the outcome. While Nike searches for her father, her children Klara and Emanuel are in fear of losing their father, who Nike threw out because of an affair he had. Can judge Lena find a solution for the litigant families that actually makes sense and that doesn't simply apply to legal formalities? Will Nike find her father and be able to show him her children? What part does Friedrich Gross, the lawyer, a man with rough edges, yet with his heart in the right place, have to play in all this?

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