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Not for all the tea in China


Not for all the tea in China

Für kein Geld der Welt
Genre Fiction | TV Movie | Comedy
Format 16 mm colour
Besetzung Karoline Teska, August Zirner, Saskia Vester, Matthias Koeberlin, a.m.o.
Autor Claudia Matschulla
Regisseur Stephan Meyer
Produktion Calypso Entertainment for ARD Degeto

Millionaire's daughter Isabella Meinhard returns home after years abroad full of euphoria and expecting to join her father Friedrich side-by-side, managing the family-owned Meinhard Automobile Works. But Isabella's euphoria soon turns to bitter disappointment when, on the day of her return, instead of in-forming the assembled guests that he will be working together with his daughter, he announces his engagement to state attorney Viola Kassen. The fact that Isabella knew nothing about her father's fiancé only serves as further proof of their tarnished relationship, which had already begun to deteriorate after the death of her mother. In her anger, Isabella threatens to leave, but Friedrich relents: he tells her to begin the same way as he did, incognito, to learn the business from the bottom up. She agrees and instead of taking a seat on the board, begins work on the assembly line in the production hall as "Isi Meier". Once there, she gets to know development engineer Sebastian Duxner and falls in love with him, but has to keep her real identity a secret. She feels loved for the first time in her life and decides to prove it to her father, unaware of the fact that the car factory is in a deep crisis.

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