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Katja Stein - 2. season


Katja Stein - 2. season

Die Stein - 2. Staffel
Genre Fiction | Series | Family Entertainment
Format 16 mm colour
Besetzung Julia Stemberger, Jochen Horst, Petra Kleinert, David C. Bunners, Katja Studt
Autor Scarlett Kleint, Gabriele Herzog
Regisseur Edzard Onneken
Produktion Novafilm Fernsehproduktion for ARD Degeto

Peace and quiet now seem to prevail after all the turbulence that caused so much havoc in teacher Katja Stein's life in the first season. She lives with Stefan Hagen on his idyllic equestrian farm in a picturesque corner of the German province of Brandenburg. Katja is supported by Renée, who is not only a close friend, but also an ally in the teacher's faculty. Thanks to Katja's spirited determination within the school council, the Heinrich-Heine-School's continued existence is secured due to the "Horse riding at School" concept. Admittedly, although this arouses interest and enthusiasm amongst the pupils, it does present Headmaster Fumetti with unforeseen challenges.The peace and quiet soon comes to an end however: Katja's sister Karola signs on as the school's new art teacher - and ironically, Fumetti's new lover. Then, Karola's son Clemens is taken to hospital with critical internal bleeding and everyone is shocked by the diagnoses of the doctors... List of episodes: 1. A blessing in disguise 2. The sound of silence 3. Separation with obstacles 4. A breath of fresh air 5. Treading new ground 6. Unresolved questions 7. Appearance and reality 8. Trials and tribulations 9. Decisions 10. Good fortune revisited 11. Descent into chaos 12. Patchwork 13. All´s well, that ends well

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